Scott Owen – Work room Webcam

Scott Owen – Work room Webcam
The view from the work room at the back of our home. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scott Bradley Owen (born February 14, 1975) plays the double bass in the Australian rock band The Living End. After playing the piano for many years, he decided that the keys would not work for a rockabilly band, so at age 17 he purchased and taught himself double bass, letting him play rockabilly with best friend and band mate, Chris Cheney.

During their live shows, Owen is known for pulling his “bass stunts”, most notably standing on the bass (or letting Chris Cheney stand on it), tilting it on an angle, resting his right foot on the curve by the f-hole and his left foot over the belly of the bass near the bottom of the fingerboard.

Scott has a son, Harvey, with his wife Emilie.

Owen has also written a number of tracks for The Living End including: “Flood The Sky”, “I Want A Day”, “What Would You Do?” and “Stay Away From Me”. He also co-wrote “So Lonely” and “Black Cat” with Chris Cheney and “Short Notice” and “E-Boogie” with Chris Cheney and Andy Strachan.

He played double bass for Paul Kelly on his song Song Of The Old Rake and features in the filmclip, set in a Bendigo radio station.

Owen uses Ampeg cabinets and heads, separate channels for bass and slap pickups.

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