Alcatraz Island Cam

lcatraz Island (37°49′35″N, 122°25′21″W) is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California. It was formerly used as a military stockade and later as a maximum securityprison. Today, the island is a historic site supervised by the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is open to tours. Visitors can reach the island byferry ride from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Its name comes from the Spanish (and originally Arabic) word for the gannet, a kind ofseabird. It was first discovered by Juan Manuel de Ayala.It is home to the now abandoned prison, the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States, early militaryfortifications, and natural features such as rock pools, a seabird colony, and unique views of the coastline

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